The Bearspaw Junior Chess Club is dedicated to the teaching of students, ages six through fifteen of all levels, who show an interest in the game of chess.

Our goal is to help students reach their individual potential by providing a positive social learning environment where they are able to confidently demonstrate their intellectual ability through a well-known mind sport.

We provide a passionate and experienced instructor who uses group based teaching, game practice, individual feedback, formal reports, tournaments and game analysis while encouraging the rules of chess etiquette. We emphasize team unity and sportsmanship. 

The benefits of playing chess at a young age are many; chief among them are as follows:

  • improves critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • develops concentration, focusing and decision-making skills
  • enhances memory and creativity
  • improves academic achievement (verbal, reading, and math skills)
  • develops patience, confidence and self-reliance
  • encourages social interaction with others
  • teaches planning, judgement, self-control and consequence
  • helps students gain an understanding of the nature of competition and handling pressure

The Bearspaw Junior Chess Club is affiliated with the Calgary Junior Chess Club, The Chess Federation of Canada, The Alberta Chess Association and Chess'n Math Association. The Bearspaw Junior Chess Club supports chess in local schools.